Confirmants support the aid for children and youths of the Bonifatiuswerk

The 2020 confirmation campaign is under the motto of "Cast off". (Motif by Anna Om /
The 2020 confirmation campaign is under the motto of "Cast off". (Motif by Anna Om /


The sacrament of Confirmation is an important step for young Catholics on the way to becoming adult Christians. As mature Christians, they start to assume responsibility for themselves, the Church and society in their celebration of Confirmation by not forgetting the needs and concerns of their peers in the diaspora. With their collection, the confirmants support the children's aid of the Bonifatiuswerk and thus outpatient children's hospice services, children's and youth villages, residential groups for disabled young people and youth welfare institutions. They promote community and the experience of faith in religious children's weeks (RKW) or in Catholic day-care centres.

Central theme of growing up

The 2020 confirmation campaign is under the motto of "Cast off" and reflects the experiences of many young people. The departure into the uncertainty of the "sea of life" – connected with expectations and hopes, but also with fears and anxieties – is a central theme of growing up. The sacrament of Confirmation is intended to strengthen and encourage young people to set the sails of life and leave the safe haven with faith in God.

Every year the Bonifatiuswerk develops a new theme and accompanying materials for the First Communion catechesis in the parishes. With the annual theme and the accompanying brochure, the Bonifatiuswerk provides those responsible in the parishes with help for their catechesis. The material is prepared by an advisory committee for religious education studies, which consists of theologians, catechists and also lecturers.