“Creating spaces for faith”


With its new support programme “Creating spaces for faith”, the Bonifatiuswerk has sponsored innovative missionary projects throughout Germany since September 2019. It is about initiatives that bring people’s everyday lives together with the Gospel.In September 2020 more than 30 project partners of the support programme “Creating spaces for faith” met with interested parties to present the respective projects to one another and to discuss current topics concerning innovative pastoral care. The network meeting was held jointly by the Bonifatiuswerk and the Centre for Applied Pastoral Research (zap).

In workshops the participants deepened their knowledge in communicating faith and networking. The motivation to make the Church more open and welcoming in the respective locations was felt widely. The participants felt particularly encouraged by the positive experiences that were reported from projects already underway. “The Church is more than scandal and abuse,” said one of the participants, “the Church can accomplish so incredibly much.”