Bonifatiuswerk decides on funding for missionary and social welfare projects

Secretary General Monsignore Georg Austen (right) and Heinz Paus, Vice-President. (Photo: Wilfried Hiegemann)
Secretary General Monsignore Georg Austen (right) and Heinz Paus, Vice-President. (Photo: Wilfried Hiegemann)


In 2021 the Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics is supporting projects of the Catholic Church in the German, Northern European and Baltic diaspora with 12 million euros. The sponsorship of missionary and social welfare projects is a focal point of the work of the aid organisation.

Solidarity with project partners

“Especially in these times dominated by coronavirus, people expect our Church and the aid organisations to live up to their responsibility of solidarity and their social responsibility. Although it is not possible to predict how the year will develop economically, we reliably stand by our project partners in solidarity within the scope of our possibilities. We will provide the necessary grants to ensure that pastoral work and social charitable commitment can succeed even in these times of uncertainty,” says Monsignore Georg Austen, Secretary General of the aid organisation.

With sponsorship funds to the amount of 1.63 million euros, the aid for children and youths continues to be a central pillar of support. In 2021, 1.96 million euros are provided for religious education and 845,000 euros for projects of new evangelization and for the funding of personnel and trainee posts.

The building aid supports the preservation of the Church’s own infrastructure and buildings, such as schools, pre-schools, parish halls and hospice services in the financially weaker dioceses with 2.1 million euros: this includes 24 projects in Germany, 24 projects in Northern Europe and seven projects in Estonia and Latvia. A further 365,700 euros are earmarked for urgent building projects. The transport aid sponsors the purchase of BONI buses with 532,000 euros; in addition, earmarked funds of the Diaspora Commission amounting to 4.6 million euros are passed on to Northern Europe.

Thank you to all donors

"The past year has been very challenging for all social, economic and church sectors. In particular, we are noticing the sharp decline in collections. For us as an aid organisation, it is important that we look ahead with optimism and without complaining, and that we fulfil our mission to give people courage. I would therefore like to thank all donors for the trust they have placed in us and for their concrete financial support," says President Heinz Paus.