Das Bonifatiuswerk der deutschen Katholiken unterstützt katholische Christen überall dort, wo sie in einer extremen Minderheitensituation, in der Diaspora, ihren Glauben leben.

Mit seiner Bau-, Verkehrs-, Kinder- und Glaubenshilfe fördert es Projekte in Deutschland, Nordeuropa und dem Baltikum.

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Merry christmas and happy new year

The child lets us guess the secret of Christmas - the incarnation of God. Mary carries the "heaven" within and gives birth to HIM. The person of Jesus does not want fans but successors. He does not stand for big sayings or easy consummable consolations. His passion was and is peoples' reconciliation with God. This is our mission as a charitable organization.

In the name of the Bonifatiuswerk of the German Catholics e.V. we thank you for the support in Germany, Northern Europe and the Baltic States.

We can rely on your help and constant commitment, on your trust and cooperation, on your new ideas and your constant prayer, on the recognition of
the work of our employees.

We remember every good word and your legitimate criticism, so that we may be a blessing to others.

A blessed Christmas night and a happy new year!

In the name of Bonifatiuswerk

Monsignore Georg Austen
Martin Guntermann

News! Diaspora Sunday 2017

No one should have to believe alone.

Information about Bonifatiuswerk

The Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics helps wherever Catholic Christians live their faith in a minority situation in the diaspora.

With its commitment, it calls attention to a hardship that does not blatantly catch our eye: Being alone in your faith, being alone among people who follow a different faith, who do not belong to any religion, or to whom the Christian belief has always been or become strange. The Bonifatiuswerk has supported projects in the diaspora for 165 years. Today the aid organisation is active by order of the German Bishops’ Conference in Germany, Northern Europe and the Baltic states. For: „No-one should be alone in their faith.“

On this site we offer the most important information about the Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics in english to you:


Should you have any questions or require further information, please send us an e-mail to info@bonifatiuswerk.de!

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Free Booklets about "The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy" and "Reconciliation in Faith". Please order here and contact Bonifatiuswerk for shipping costs.

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Im Mittelpunkt des neuen Bonifatiusblattes steht das Thema "Herkunft hat Zukunft- Hoffnungsvolle Aufbrüche in der Diaspora".

Die aktuelle Ausgabe der Kinderzeitschrift "boni kids" thematisiert die Adventszeit. Mehr Infos

Und das neue Heft der Schriftenreihe „Lebendiges Zeugnis“ (04/2017) widmet sich dem Thema "Alter".

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boni kids

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