Das Bonifatiuswerk der deutschen Katholiken unterstützt katholische Christen überall dort, wo sie in einer extremen Minderheitensituation, in der Diaspora, ihren Glauben leben.

Mit seiner Bau-, Verkehrs-, Kinder- und Glaubenshilfe fördert es Projekte in Deutschland, Nordeuropa und dem Baltikum.

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Bonifatiuswerk aid

Building aid
Transport aid
Children and youth aid
Faith aid

Building aid

For places of faith

Where Catholics live their faith in a minority si­tuation, they need places where they can build a community. They require premises for meetings and prayer.

Therefore, the Bonifatiuswerk supports the const­ruction and maintenance of churches, convents, chapels, community centres, Catholic schools and pre-schools in the diaspora in Germany, Northern Europe and the Baltic states.

Aid for children and youths

For the propagation of faith

The propagation of faith with children and youths is a particular challenge in the diaspora. Perceiving yourself as the only Catholic among persons of the same age, among friends, can often cause problems, particularly to adolescents.

The Bonifatiuswerk‘s aid for children and youths sponsors pastoral and diaconal, charitable projects in the diaspora and provides a wide variety of oppor­tunities to make contact within faith.

Subsidies are, for instance, granted for „religious children‘s weeks“ in Eastern Germany, religious pre-school education and pastoral school projects, Catho­lic daycare facilities, children‘s hospice services and youth facilities.

Transport aid

For living your faith within a community

Having to travel long distances for celebrating Mass, for preparation classes for the First Communion, for attending Catholic schools or senior citizen groups - this is often the harsh reality in regions where Catholics live their faith in a minority situation.

Therefore, the transport aid of the Bonifatiuswerk supports church communities and organisations in the diaspora in Germany with the purchase of ve­hicles. Approximately 40 rapeseed yellow BONI buses are sponsored by the Bonifatiuswerk every year.

Faith aid

For missionary changes

Being alone in your faith - today Catholics expe­rience this not only in extreme diaspora regions, but also in traditionally predominantly Catholic regions. The number of people who have grown apart from faith and the Church is growing. A new faith diaspora is developing.

Therefore, the faith aid of the Bonifatiuswerk sponsors missionary, pastoral projects throug­hout Germany. It funds posts in the diaspora, which take the missionary aspect into account, and it supports campaigns and education of the church communities in order to put forward, strengthen and pass on faith.

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