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Logo of Bonifatiuswerk


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ATTENTION! When using our logo in the context of printed products or for linking / banner placement on the Internet, we ask you to consider this as a fixed combination of word mark and icon and therefore not to change! In particular, the white shelter is part of the logo and may not be trimmed or replaced by other colored backgrounds. When using the logo in the print area, we ask you to comply with the minimum logo width of 36 mm (including white shelter).

Sponsorship Regulations

Forms for application

The following forms are available for applications for the promotion of projects.

The application forms can be downloaded here:

Application form Children and Youths Aid

Application form Building Aid

Application form Transport Aid

Application form for Sponsoring of Posts

Application form for Sponsoring of Innovative Missonary Projects

For more information on the application process and the specific procedure, please refer to the "Application" section in detail.