"No one should
believe alone.“

The Bonifatiuswerk of German Catholics helps where Catholic Christians live their faith in a minority situation in the diaspora of Germany, Northern Europe and the Baltic states. With its commitment, it calls attention to a hardship that does not blatantly catch our eye: Being alone in your faith, being alone among people who follow a different faith, who do not belong to any religion, or to whom the Christian belief has always been or become strange.

The Bonifatiuswerk has supported projects in the diaspora since 1849, it promotes the propagation of faith and enables the faithful to live their faith in a community.

The President of the Bonifatiuswerk is Manfred Müller; Monsignore Georg Austen is Secretary General since 2008 and Ingo Imenkämper is Managing Director since January 2020.

From priests for priests - the support of Diaspora Kommissariat

This is the guiding principle of the work of the Diaspora Kommissariat of German Bishops / Diaspora Aid of Priests. It supports the pastoral care in the area of the Nordic Bishops’ Conference by funding building projects, providing salary subsidies and offering motorisation grants. The financial means for this are provided by the priests in the German dioceses as every priest pays one percent of his personal salary to the Diaspora Kommissariat.

Further information can be found on the website of the Diaspora Kommissariat.


Download detailed information about the "Solidarity and support from Germany for Northern Europe" of Bonifatiuswerk and Diaspora-Kommissariat in 2023 here: