Building grants


  • In order to make an application, the appropriate application form (Download: application form) must be used.
  • The following documents / information must be included with the application:
    –    Project description including sketches
    –    Overview of the type and amount of the total cost
    –    Financial budget
    –    Schedule
    –    Photos of the current status
  • Parishes / organisations in the diaspora with a maximum of 12 % Catholic representation are eligible to submit an application.
  • A written application must be submitted either via the competent authority of the respective (arch)diocese or via the diocesan branch of the Bonifatiuswerk. A written statement by the competent authority of the respective (arch)diocese or via the diocesan branch of the Bonifatiuswerk must be included with the application.
  • Applications for the following year must be submitted by 1st September of the current year. By this deadline the application must have been received by the Bonifatiuswerk in Paderborn, ready to be voted on, i.e. including all required documents. The General Executive Board decides on the applications during the allocation meeting in December.



  • As a general rule, the Bonifatiuswerk regards its sponsorship as supplementary funding. Sponsorship by the Bonifatiuswerk generally accounts for
    –    up to one third of the building costs in the region of the German Bishop’s Conference
    –    up to 70 % in the regions of the Nordic Bishop’s Conference as well as Estonia and Latvia
  • Should the total cost for the project subsequently be reduced, the Bonifatiuswerk may reduce the subsidy.
  • The project must commence within 2 years of granting. Within this period the (arch)diocese may apply for the funds to be used for another project (“application for reallocation”). Otherwise the funds will be returned to the budget of the Bonifatiuswerk.
  • If a sponsored object is sold or transferred to another purpose of use within 10 years of granting, the Bonifatiuswerk must be notified of this without delay. The Bonifatiuswerk has the right to reclaim the allotted funds.

Payment of the funds

The release of the granted subsidy can be ordered in writing via the respective (arch)diocese, in accordance with the proven building progress. To this end a status report including photographs must be submitted. Following the release order, the granted funds are transferred directly to the applicant. The last instalment is only paid once the project has been completed and the final report has been submitted.

Obligations of the applicant

  • Following the granting, the Bonifatiuswerk and the recipient of the grant enter into a project agreement. Non-compliance with these obligations may result in a claim for the return of the granted funds. (Downlaod: example project agreement)
  • The recipient of the grant is obligated to submit a quarterly report on the project status in order to document the building progress and to develop a schedule for the payment of the granted funds.

Allocation Formula

  • The building grants are allocated according to the following formula:
    – Northern region (Hamburg, Hildesheim, Münster/Officialate Vechta and Osnabrück) at 38 %
    – Western region (Essen, Fulda, Limburg, Mainz, Paderborn, Speyer and Trier) at 8 %
    – Southern region (Bamberg, Eichstätt, Regensburg and Rottenburg-Stuttgart) at 4 %
    – Eastern region (Berlin, Dresden-Meißen, Erfurt, Görlitz and Magdeburg) at 50 %
             Berlin    24.4 %
             Dresden-Meißen    23.4 %
             Erfurt    22.2 %
             Görlitz    6.5 %
             Magdeburg    23.0 %
  • 50 % of the building sum applied for by the (arch)diocese must generally be scheduled for building projects that serve the purpose of child and youth work or diaconal and missionary work.

Urgent grants

In urgent, unplanned cases an application for an urgent grant can be submitted. In these cases the application is processed promptly during the current year. The same criteria as for the annual building grants apply (see above) with the exception that work must commence no later than 3 months after the granting of urgent sponsorship. Otherwise the grant will be retracted.



Thomas Twents

Manager of Project Administration / MIVA Transport Aid
05251 29 96-57