Sponsorship of innovative missionary projects of the (arch)dioceses

The Bonifatiuswerk subsidises projects in the field of missionary pastoral work and "pastoral work in the diaspora" in all (arch)dioceses.

Funding is available for projects, which

  • have a distinctly evangelising character
  • are primarily aimed at people who are distant from the church
  • make faith or the church higher profile
  • create an awareness of religious content
  • advocate faith in an innovative manner
  • are to be rooted in the pastoral work with adults / adult education
  • focus on the special situation of the diaspora and elucidate this situation to other Christians, also with a view to ecumenical co-operation.

Projects, which are developed and implemented in co-operation with the diocesan branch of the Bonifatiuswerk, are particularly eligible for sponsorship.


  • A written application must be submitted either via the competent authority of the respective (arch)diocese or via the diocesan branch of the Bonifatiuswerk, which must give a written statement regarding the application. The mutual exchange of information concerning the application before submission is required in any case.
  • In order to make an application, the appropriate application form (Download: application form) must be used, including a detailed description of the (theological and educational) content and stating the reasons for the project. Furthermore, the total cost and the financial budget for the project period must be set out.
  • There is no deadline for the application – applications can be submitted throughout the year.


  • The amount of the sponsorship is project-dependent. Depending on the project, the subsidy may be paid in the form of partial, fixed amount or deficit financing. The maximum sponsorship amount is specified by the department of Missionary and Diaconal Pastoral Work, based on individual cases.
  • The project must generally commence within 6 months of granting. Otherwise the granted funds will be returned to the budget of the Bonifatiuswerk.



Julian Heese

Director of missionary and diaconal pastoral work /
diaspora aid for children and youths
05251 29 96-50