Caritas Academy in Riga

Caritas Academy


FÖRDERSUMME: 44.000 Euro

BISTUM: Bistum Riga


The project „Caritas Academy“ in Riga wants to strengthen the Caritas volunteer groups in Latvia, who are an indispensable part of the church. The service includes, among other features, educational trainings, experience exchange and supervisions for volunteers.

More about the project

The project „Caritas Academy“ aims at three main goals:

  • to structure the work already done in the field of the volunteer work, to develop it and to do it in even more professional way;
  • to create Caritas Academy, where volunteers could receive holistic approach in their service for those in need;
  • to provide ongoing learning and supervision opportunities for Caritas volunteers.

To achieve those goals, we will carry out a broad variety of activities:

  • Upgrading documentation package regarding volunteer work
  • Fundraising
  • Educational: trainings twice a year; continuing education lectures once per two months
  • Integrational: experience exchange trip once a year
  • Spiritual: retreats once a year
  • Supervisions: face-to-face encounters with new or existing parish groups twice a month; supervisions for volunteers in institutions once per month

With our work, we hope to strengthen the Caritas volunteer groups in Latvia, who are an indispensable part of the church.

About Marija Diaza

My name is Maria Paz Diaza and I am the new coordinator of the Caritas Academy project as of August 2022. I am Spanish, but I have been living in Latvia since 2006. My professional background is related to language teaching and humanities. For years I have been a Spanish and English teacher in secondary and university education in Latvia. However, since 2018 I have been working professionally in the NGO sector on youth projects. I started working in Caritas Latvija in June 2022 and I am the head of volunteering. This sector includes the volunteers of the Caritas parish groups, to whom the project supported by Bonifatiuswerk is especially addressed.


Nodibinajums Caritas Latvija
Mazā Pils iela 2a
1050 Riga

Marija Diaza


"Start Ups des Glaubens - Erfahrungsberichte aus der Personalstellenförderung des Bonifatiuswerkes"

Seit 2009 fördert das Bonifatiuswerk Personalstellen für 24 Monate, um Experimentierfelder in der Pastoral auch dort zu ermöglichen, wo es aus finanziellen Gründen sonst nicht möglich wäre. Mit mehr als 50 Stellen und einer Gesamtfördersumme von über 3.000.000 Euro gehört die Personalstellenförderung zu einer der bedeutendsten Förderarten des Bonifatiuswerkes. Als Ergebnis einer Evaluation ist die Publikation „START-UPS des Glaubens“ mit Erfahrungsberichten einzelner Stellen und Informationen rund um die Personalstellenförderung erschienen.

Die Broschüre kann kostenlos bestellt werden.